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GIFT student’s Design Mandi as “Beau Monde”

The concept of Design Mandi belongs to the students of GIFT NGO and a certain part of its education.

As GIFT is known globally for its design education, as like long-term UG or PG Courses of other design institutes, it teaches in a comparatively very short span, with a learning of 3 hours a day without any homework . This reflects that GIFT is the first wonder of the earth of such a Design Education achieved by the grace of God Almighty. In other words, it is the world’s best part-time, short-term designing course in which only GIFT students are the beneficiaries being a part of the NGO. Due to GIFT’S professional practice, freelancing and entrepreneurship, we welcome each learner without any hindrance and hesitation in favor of upgradation of GIFT education with full regard.

Platform for understanding for GANDHI GIFT “FRESH LEARNERS”

“Beau monde” is an amazing opportunity for the learner to gain a whole lot of confidence because GIFT gives a platform, for them to realize how their designs are appreciated by the world and also help in critics of their work, be it in a negative or positive manner. It teaches them a whole lot of qualities like understanding the availability of raw material procurement, development of product, labeling, tagging, and price fixing, developing slogans for the show, invitation cards and mailings, display system, Gallery Booking, Learning the marketing system practically in minute details as per Gandhi GIFT education policies. Through such policy shows the respective feedback gained, boosts the learner’s moral with high spirits. This is the best way we test the Design Education of GIFT from time to time for its own development.

Exposure to market world for GANDHI GIFT “FRESH LEARNERS”

GIFT learners learn how their classroom work is being transformed into production and also ways to tackle customers as in the case of selling their creations and designed products, overall giving a boost to the morale and exposing them to the feedbacks.

Since they spend such amounts for their educational development and knowledge, these shows are means of reflection of the starting point of their growth towards a better view of their subjects learnt at GIFT.

Why is the Designer Mandi “Beau Monde” (World of Fashion) of GIFT NGO?

The products are a symmetrical permutation and combination with various moods and gestures in different styles, created unitedly by learners. In spite of it being made under one roof each of the product has a different essence about it where the designs are quite different to each other. That’s the beauty of the unity of GIFT learners who pour their feelings and emotions towards the subject, with their heart and soul for the development of the end products of their show.

In order to make their “Beau Monde” show successful, without any prejudice, hypocrisy, hesitation or hindrance to their learning, the students are all helpful to each other from the very first day to create an unforgettable show, welcomed by visitors, that reflects their integrity above than all human nuisances. That is why such shows of GIFT NGO are unforgettable by Ahmedabad people, since 1995.

Another important aspect is how learners indulge in their practical work while preparing color through churning with epoxy, fabric cutting into bits for its mix and match for stitching. All this is without the worry about the costing since GIFT provides more than enough material and this indirectly helps the students to make good quality products, not limiting their ideas for the lack of material and also don’t gain the spendthrift attitude towards life. GIFT has never compromised in material since it has started and never will making the product much better than any branded product with an immensely high standard of design in the Indian Market.

By the grace of God Almighty, such learning is only possible at GIFT Gandhi where every onlooker can feel the confidence of each participant in their show, making GIFT Gandhi proud to have students who value every learning taught to them.

The purpose behind the “Beau Monde” show is to kill the student’s hesitation when they use the costliest materials, without wasting even smaller rags, to make the best possible products. Thus the earth’s Paradise and its natural wonders can be seen in the “Beau Monde” show also known as the “Design Mandi”

It is so pleasing to see how beautifully the students have arranged embossed and textured flowers, geometrical forms of the jungle using colorful epoxy on dyed fabrics that whoever comes to visit the show would want to possess the products of “Beau Monde” To make it look more interesting these product images can be seen through photographs in the invitation for their perusal. That is why GIFT invitations are always well written with an in depth understanding of text towards the subject. The purity of soul and genuineness of the participants in this show has thus been a blessing of the God Almighty

GIFT learners are presenting in their show, The Design Mandi “Beau Monde” – A Home Décor consisting of 1600 unique cushion covers of reverse emboss, stencil, appliqué, embroidery , puff ups, patch work, geometrical pattern of versatile fabrics painted and shaded , transparent style of painting and landscapes in the size of 10 x 10 inches , 16 x 16 inches, 18 x 18 inches, 24 x 24 inches made of textiles like Banaras Brocades , lizzy-bizzy, cotton, cotton dobby, jacquard textile both dyed and woven.

Uniqueness of GIFT NGO is basically known from the above subject taught at GIFT by the Common Foundation Course learning and how to perceive this fine art is seen through the above mentioned wonderful textile display of the “Beau Monde”.

We have Bedspreads by GIFT participants , painted with versatile brushes, stencils in the style of floral abstract with definite forms giving a metallic look through floral texture, geometrical and few screen print and hand paint combinations all as unique textiles.

GIFT NGO students have designed 100 bedspreads in the size of 100” x 100” and 108” x 108” along with two pillow covers each, using reputed versatile cotton fabrics with techniques like stencil painting, abstract painting, as well as air brush.

256 sketches and paintings painted by GIFT’s young designers are displayed in Design mandi “Beau Monde” for sale, which is again unmatchable to any professional art gallery within an affordable prize. The size of paintings is from small to huge where students have presented contemporary art by techniques like emboss, ornamentation and color transparency.

The fresh learners will also be displaying versatile Fashion Accessories quite affordably priced along with crafted beads, pendants, earrings, at the display of Designer Mandi “Beau monde”.

Notes: Design Mandi “Beau Monde” show only belongs to the GIFT show’s participants who are the beneficiary of funds earnt during the show through GIFT’S learn and earn policy.

The platform of Design Mandi “Beau Monde” show helps them to understand professionally with practicality to begin their own small scale businesses to later become entrepreneurs.

Each crafted work is labeled with names of GIFT’S students and your promise to the GIFT learners will be highly regarded to encourage the spirits of the participants for their work in near future.( Please promise that young designer for his or her future working. Spirit which will be highly regarded by GIFT NGO by the grace of God Almighty.)

In today’s time most of the college education has become degree oriented with better percentage, rather than giving importance to in depth subjective learning for its better implementation in future. That is why people from different educational streams such as commerce, arts, science, fine arts, medical etc join GIFT NGO education rather than subjects of post graduation which they have learnt earlier .

According to GIFT’s teaching we try our level best to teach the in depth subject with minute conceptualization and technicalities to further build their confidence. We pursue them to participate in shows to have faith and confidence in the learning as a professional practice. That is why GIFT student’s Design Mandi as “Beau Monde” is the right beginning for them to concentrate towards a direction oriented future living.

As we all know, day by day the number of learners are increasing due to the lack of good institutions in the country. That is why Indian learners are heading towards Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, England and USA for professional education, individually spending about 25 lakhs in Indian currency and inspite of that not learning adequate knowledge (equivalent to GIFT NGO education programme).

34 Graduates a year

It is a drawback for masses that GIFT can accommodate only 34 students a year, but GIFT courageously take the responsibility for making GIFT learners stronger to continue doing product shows like “Intagalio”, “Muthos” and “Design Mandi” etc in order to promote each student for future entrepreneurship to learn subjects which are more powerful than doing jobs like IIM, NIFT, NID etc where they have a placement office and people are looking for jobs for their students. In comparison to them GIFT students find their own way to work for their own survival and future growth. This is because other design institutions have relatively spoilt the meaning of education by not teaching them as per the market needs and therefore most of them end up having a five figure salary and this is the only reason why GIFT is working so hard to develop an in depth understanding in the students to help them withstand all ups and downs of their professional lives.

Basically the british have taught us not to be entrepreneurs for our own survival and living but to do salary based jobs and live an entire life full of insecurity, but GIFT students hardly feel insecure for their living and future practice because they are capable to accommodate themselves in any situation. That means they have their ability to crack the hardest nut and certainly GIFT product show thus helps them to become stronger.

There are many times when questions arise by many GIFT learners, professionals, education critic as well as other similar kind of institutions as to why GIFT strictly does not perform Fashion parade Shows. The only answer it has is because GIFT believes that such kind of activities never develop confidence in the learner’s work and growth. They refrain from indulging in such activities because the Fashion Shows are more of an exposure of the body of models which certainly is NOT GIFT Education.

Since we are able to teach 70 Ethnic, Western and Fusion garments, in short-term part-time, in 6 months that shows the capabilities of our students who can perform 10 shows within a year.

We refrain from the culture where people come and watch the show, enjoy the models and their catwalks, media comes for coverage and all this is forgotten within no time. Such activities are meaningless for GIFT NGO because it believes those GIFT learners who work hard to be appropriate for the general market of fashion industry, should sell their products like hot cakes, bringing them fame and better living rather than show business. This is our belief that we practice without any controversy.


GIFT shows are very much different from other known Design Institutes, because the total production of goods takes place under GIFT’s roof, made by learners and GIFT staff under guidance of senior faculty. This is another way of boosting their moral and confidence in learners practice, and that reflection is seen through the shows where we take care of development through quantity, quality, design, and thousands in number. That is why GIFT Gandhi NGO well known globally.

Archana Shah

It was in the early 1980’s that Archana Shah, a graduate of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, started applying the western design principles she had learnt as a student to traditional textiles and their crafts. The result of this continuing collaboration of a modern sensibility and the traditional knowledge and skills to create clothing and accessories created the BANDHEJ brand.

Today Bandhej is a well respected brand known for its design innovation, quality, fit and finish in hand crafted clothing. Maintaining this reputation over 25 years has been more of a challenge than building the brand.

During her years at NID, she developed a keen interest in Indian Textiles and traditional craft techniques. After her graduation from the NID, she decided to pursue her interest in Indian textiles and traditional craft techniques, by collaborating with craftspeople to develop a range of textiles products for an urban market.

In the initial years, she travelled to remote corners of the country to study, understand and experience the vast variety of weaving, dyeing and printing and embroidery skills practiced by people of different parts of the country. She realized that each region offered its own unique skill of weaving, dyeing, printing, distinctive color palettes, ornamentation, motifs and a rich design vocabulary.

This was a very enriching journey and become the base for all her future work.

Because of her great interest and passion for the tie and dye technique, she decided to call her company Bandhej

Through this journey, while collaborating with crafts people, giving new directions to the age old crafts and giving it a more contemporary interpretation, over the years, Archana has been able to invigorate and revive many dying crafts. In the process, she has popularized and found new markets for hand crafted textiles.

Archanas association with the artisans is not just a passion, but has grown into a commitment. She would like to project Bandhej as a brand that offers a high standard of craftsmanship as its hallmark.

Bandhej now has a chain of six shops, two in Ahmedabad and one each in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Delhi.

The BANDHEJ Brand stands for well priced handcrafted fashion, offered to patrons in contemporary silhouettes with an Indian sensibility.

DESIGN MANDI "BEAU MONDE" GIFT Students work show was Inaugurated by Ms ARCHANA SHAH [Entrepreneur"Bandhej"]at venue:BEYOND EXHIBITION GALLERY Dated:25th June 2010 and that show continue dated 27th june 2010.

GIFT Gandhi Institute of Fashion & Textile
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Ahmedabad – 380006.

Telephone No.: +91 79 26463702

Note: All the information in the above blogs is for education purpose and anybody who is learning designing in any design institution can use the above knowledge without fear. Otherwise professionally they must understand its copyrights by GIFT: Gandhi Institute of Fashion & Textile.

Every month GIFT Students’ work will be updated to kindly keep checking to fulfill your desire of learning.

By Prof. Khalid Ameer Rafique


(GIFT, NGO) Ahmedabad.

By.Prof Khalid Ameer Rafique

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